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Custom Embroidery Services

Top Quality Embroidery

We know that your logo or image represents you, your business, or your team, and we are careful to ensure that your final embroidered logo is done using the highest quality embroidery process.  With our Hi-Tech digital machines and our extremely experienced embroidery staff will be sure to monitor your project from start to finish so that you will be proud of the final product!


Fast Turnaround Time

Deadlines are just as important as quality when it comes to customized embroidered items We take pride in quick turnaround times. Most embroidery jobs are done within 7-14 days. If you need your job faster, we can likely get it done quickly for a rush fee. Just ask!


No Minimum

Just need a few items embroidered. No problem! While our hi-tech embroidery machines can produce high volumes of professional embroidered business-ware, we can also accommodate that special blanket for the newborn or another custom meaningful item.



While the embroidery machine is what is actually applying the embroidery, the digitized file is the brains behind the art. A digitized file is the file that tells the embroidery machine what to embroider and how to embroider it, therefore it is extremely important that your embroidery digitization is done professionally and correctly.


Embroidery Guidance

We Can Help You - Do you need any help in working out your logo or design? How about determining the size that the embroidered logo should be? Maybe you would like to know which location on the garment would be best for the embroidery? What thread color(s) will work best on the garment that you will be needing embroidered? If any of these questions concern you, just let us know, and our expert staff will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction!


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